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“Dr. Yeager, I wouldn't be where I am without you! Thanks for everything!”
Ryan Adams
“Dr. Yeager, Thank you for your help. I use what you taught me every day."
Luke Carlin
“Dr. Yeager, I’m throwing harder, more consistently thanks to your help Chris. This stuff works!”
-Dirk Hayhurst - Pitcher - San Diego Padres Organization
“Dr. Yeager, Thanks so much for all of your time over the years. I am sure your new facility will help many guys realize their dreams”
-Gabe Ribas – San Diego Padres 2005 Minor League Pitcher of the Year
“Dr. Yeager, Thanks for the time and hitting adjustments in Lake Elsinore. Congrats on the new facility.”
-Brett Bonvechio – 3rd Baseman – San Diego Padres Organization
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Dr. Yeager now has 4 DVDs available:
“The Kinetics of the Professional Baseball Swing”
$55.00 USD

“Systematically Analyzing the Complete Professional Swing with the Kinetic Link plus Barfield Analysis”
$30.00 USD

“Back Elbow Function and Body Segment Rotation in the Elite Hitter plus Analysis”
$30.00 USD

“Lead Arm Function and Separation in the Elite Hitter plus Sean Burroughs Analysis”
$30.00 USD

“Complete Set of all 4 DVDs (A $50 Savings)”
$95.00 USD

Each item is shipped via USPS Priority Shipping and cost $4.05 USD.

Dr. Yeager can also perform a Kinetic-Link-Analysis of your swing as compared to the ideal professional swing. The analysis is available in DVD format. The criteria used to evaluate your swing will be the same criteria he uses to evaluate the players in the San Diego Padres organization.
“Dr. Yeager, Your research and understanding of the Kinetic Link is very valuable to the baseball community. Thank you for implementing those scientific principles with the Padres.”
-Dave Winfield – Hall of Fame Outfielder – One of 7 players with 3,000 hits & 450 Home Runs.
“Thank you Dr. Yeager for your sound hitting basics and your video analysis.”
-Ben Ogilvie – American League Home Run Champion (1980) – 16 year Major League Career.
“Chris, Thank you for your mechanics analysis of Josh.”
-Jesse Barfield – MLB Home Run Champion (1986) and father of the Padres’ Josh Barfield
 “Chris, Knowing you, the facility will be very successful. Great mechanics analysis!”
-Max Venable – 12 year Major League Outfielder
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