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“Dr. Yeager, I wouldn't be where I am without you! Thanks for everything!”
Ryan Adams
“Dr. Yeager, Thank you for your help. I use what you taught me every day."
Luke Carlin
“Dr. Yeager, I’m throwing harder, more consistently thanks to your help Chris. This stuff works!”
-Dirk Hayhurst - Pitcher - San Diego Padres Organization
“Dr. Yeager, Thanks so much for all of your time over the years. I am sure your new facility will help many guys realize their dreams”
-Gabe Ribas – San Diego Padres 2005 Minor League Pitcher of the Year
“Dr. Yeager, Thanks for the time and hitting adjustments in Lake Elsinore. Congrats on the new facility.”
-Brett Bonvechio – 3rd Baseman – San Diego Padres Organization
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When: Jan 11-12, 2014
Where: Extra Innings
Plano, Texas
Only $99
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Dr. Yeager's Baseball Club has been training dedicated baseball players ranging from the Little Leagues to the Major Leagues since 2005.

Come visit us at are New, Bigger and Better Location! We now have 5 Video Based Batting Systems and 3 Dedicated Pitching Lanes Each Pitching Lane is equipped with a Radar Pitching Trainer that tracks pitch speed and location.

We are across the street from our old spot. Just head toward Ozone Park
(the street directly behind Cordell’s Furniture)
Memberships only $80 a month! 

Club Membership entitles the player to year-round training and instruction at our state of the art facility. Batting sessions will provide each Member with over 200 swings against one of our FIVE exclusive Live Pitching Systems.

School Year Hours: M-F 3pm-8:30pm Sat 10am–5pm
(Closed Sunday)
300 Ozone Park, Covington, LA 70433   map

Our Facilities

It would take the high school or youth player more than an entire 20 game season to get the 200+ live swings he or she will perform in just ONE 1-hour session at Dr. Yeager’s Baseball Club.

This is the 1st and only Live Pitching System to Match Pitch Speed with the Pitcher’s Arm Speed!
Our pitchers have the ability to throw any type of pitch from 40mph to 90mph.
Our pitchers can change pitches just like your opponent! Our pitcher can fire an 85mph fastball on the next pitch with a 70mph curveball. We have left-handed and right-handed pitchers from little league to professional.

Dr. Yeager’s Baseball and Softball Club will program the pitcher to match the skills and areas of improvement of our Members:

  • Having trouble with the outside Fastball? We will program our pitcher to work you with hard stuff away.

  • Having trouble with Left-handed breaking balls? We can send a Southpaw out there to feed you a steady diet of sliders and curveballs. Only in real games will you see pitching like this.

  • Are you a player just starting out? We will bring out a youngster to work you right down the middle.

As a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), Dr. Yeager understands the differences between training for strength and training for sport-specific explosiveness.

The batting practice that players get, even at the professional level, bare little resemblance to what occurs during the game. The most effective way to make rapid improvement is to train in an environment as close to game-like as possible. Our system and training provides that environment.

“Dr. Yeager, Your research and understanding of the Kinetic Link is very valuable to the baseball community. Thank you for implementing those scientific principles with the Padres.”
-Dave Winfield – Hall of Fame Outfielder – One of 7 players with 3,000 hits & 450 Home Runs.
“Thank you Dr. Yeager for your sound hitting basics and your video analysis.”
-Ben Ogilvie – American League Home Run Champion (1980) – 16 year Major League Career.
“Chris, Thank you for your mechanics analysis of Josh.”
-Jesse Barfield – MLB Home Run Champion (1986) and father of the Padres’ Josh Barfield
 “Chris, Knowing you, the facility will be very successful. Great mechanics analysis!”
-Max Venable – 12 year Major League Outfielder

Dr. Yeager is the "father" of back arm action in the swing and throw. No one understands it or teaches it better than him. Most coaches have never taught back arm action. All great players have great back arm action. The “BASEBALL-ARM” Trainer is an amazing baseball tool for hitting and throwing and helps the player develop elite level back arm action. Coaches loved it at the 2011 Nashville ABCA Convention. Is your player long when he hits or throws? Fix this problem with the arm trainer.

Price: $49.00

Note: You will be directed to our products site, IsoBaseball, for your purchase.

Utilize IsoBaseball’s “POWER-BELT” I designed to optimize Hip-Rotation and Leg-Drive.
Position the resistance with the sliding-ring at the Back-Hip to develop Back-Leg and Back Hip Driving-Power.
Slide the resistance to the Front-Hip to strengthen Front-side Leverage Behind the baseball and Front-Leg and Front-Hip Power.

Price: $69.00

Note: You will be directed to our products site, IsoBaseball, for your purchase.

Over-Striding and Stepping-Out are two of hitting biggest problems. My Stride-Trainer develops Back-Leg –Controlled Footwork that will calm the front-foot/leg and eliminate most problems.

Price: $49.00

Note: You will be directed to our products site, IsoBaseball, for your purchase.

It is vital that the batter keep the “Hands-Back” as the Back-Leg Drives and the Back-Elbow Slots. This creates essential “Separation” and prevents the batter from “rushing” the hands.

Price: $49.00

Note: You will be directed to our products site, IsoBaseball, for your purchase.

This DVD is the most advanced instructional DVD ever produced for hitting a baseball. It contains over 2 1/2 hours of the Science Of the Perfect Swing with explanations you can understand and put to work, and drills to put into practice. This is a must for any player or coach who truly wants to understand and apply the principles of the elite level swing. We hope and believe you will become a fan of IsoBaseball.

IsoBaseball DVD
Price: $49.00

Note: You will be directed to our products site, IsoBaseball, for your purchase.

Why spend $350 on a bat when its the swing that counts. This is the best system in the world to develop your swing and learn how to hit like the pros. We teach you what you already know and believe. We validate your knowledge and back it with science. Great stuff! Voted 2011 ABCA "Best of Show" baseball training system. Devices isolating and perfecting every part of your baseball swing with the most advanced instructional baseball DVD on hitting available today. Set includes "Indoor Wall Hitting" System, "Power Belt Hitting" System, "Baseball-Arm" Trainer System, and Master DVD.

Price: $289.00

Note: You will be directed to our products site, IsoBaseball, for your purchase.
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